OrganicaWorld™ Breaks Ground to Build 2 Additional 8-Acre Custom State-of-the-Art Hydroponic Greenhouse Facilities in Groveland, Florida

To keep up with the $45 billion a year organic foods industry, OrganicaWorld™ is investing an additional $25 million to construct two additional $12.5 million greenhouse facilities in 2017 to increase its domestic production of farm fresh organic vegetables, micro greens, herbs and medicinal plants.
Jan 26, 2017, 8:35am EST

ORLANDO, Fla., Jan. 26, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — OrganicaWorld, LLC, a Florida based company located in Lake County, is doubling in size and expanding to build 2 more greenhouses, each spanning 350,000 square feet. As organic food sales continue to soar in the United States with a 72% increase in sales from 2008, OrganicaWorld™ is equipped to help fill the industry demand for fresh organic produce by using cutting edge organic growing technology.

Each OrganicaWorld™ custom engineered greenhouse showcases the latest innovations in growing. With millions of dollars spent in research and development, OrganicaWorld™ is staged to grow over 30 of the most highly consumed and in demand fresh vegetables, as well as rare medicinal plants and innovative hybrid varieties.

All of the greenhouses are equipped to grow every single Non-GMO seed to organic standards without the use of pesticides or harsh chemicals. Using proprietary hydroponic techniques, every plant is grown in a controlled environment with the exact amount of light and high quality nutrients it needs to grow.

OrganicaWorld™ is able to grow in production quantities that surpass traditional farming by 3,000 percent. For example, in one 8-acre greenhouse, OrganicaWorld’s capacity to grow 80,000 to 160,000 heads of fresh organic lettuce every 7 days is equivalent to growing at least 600 acres of lettuce in a traditional farm field. The crops are also not subject to the traditional outside changing climate and weather patterns.

Water is not a concern for OrganicaWorld™. With the knowledge of the abrupt drought conditions hitting the US in recent years, OrganicaWorld™ built 2 million gallon cisterns to complement the first two greenhouse structures. The custom engineered rooftops of the greenhouses used to collect the rainwater along with the gutter and extensive underground pipe system is the first of its kind. Its success has led to a process that may be the key to saving and preserving the Florida Aquifer. These cisterns, engineered on such a large scale, can change the future of farming.

OrganicaWorld™ plans to expand their operation to build over 1,200 acres of custom engineered greenhouse facilities over the next 5 years. With 3 out of 4 grocery stores in the USA now carrying organic products, the dilemma for OrganicaWorld™ is not strategizing which big box store they will sell to, but how quickly and efficiently they can continue to erect the state-of-the-art custom greenhouse facilities. High tech greenhouse growing has now become a lucrative real estate commodity and the experts are analyzing the cost per square foot versus total crop output.

In addition, the first consumer direct OrganicaWorld ™ farm market will open in February 2017. The Central Florida farm location will sell fresh produce directly to the public just 30 miles North of Walt Disney World. Some living edibles will be cut and harvested right on location in front of the end consumer. This fresh market approach brings healthy and more affordable food direct to the public and puts a spin on agritourism. OrganicaWorld™ will offer tours and a variety of courses and seminars on topics such as hydroponics, fresh cooking and food preparation. They will also offer educational programs for local schools. With this business model, Colin Farnum, CEO of OrganicaWorld, LLC, states that OrganicaWorld™ greenhouses with adjoining farm markets can be opened up in every major market in the USA.


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