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How Satisfied are Consumers with Online Shopping for Groceries?

With all of the discussion of various online supermarket-shopping platforms that either are available now or will be in the near future, what we don’t often see is just how satisfied shoppers are with online shopping offerings and how that compares to their satisfaction with shopping in-store.  In Retail Feedback Group’s recent U.S. Supermarket Shopper Digital Update, we took a look at this and the results might surprise you!

In this national survey of 1,200 supermarket shoppers, we asked whether or not each respondent had purchased grocery-type items from four different types of online-shopping services in the past 90 days:

1 – An online grocery delivery service such as Peapod or Fresh Direct (i.e. online grocery retailers with no physical stores) – 11% indicated used in last 90 days

2 – A supermarket, which also has physical stores in your area, for delivery to you by the store or a shopper/driver such as Instacart – 8% indicated used in last 90 days

3 – A supermarket, which also has physical stores in your area, for pickup at the store – 10% indicated used in last 90 days

4 – A general shopping website or specialty food website (such as or for mail or shipping delivery – 18% indicated used in last 90 days

As this graph from the report shows, in-store satisfaction, on a scale of one to five, registers at 4.39 for supermarkets. The most mature online shopping platform, general/specialty food websites offering delivery by mail or shipping company, currently surpasses this score with a 4.43. However, online shopping formats such as online grocers with delivery and no physical stores (4.36), traditional grocers with delivery (4.35), and traditional grocers with pick up (4.25), all have satisfaction ratings that are lower than but closing in on the rating in-store.

Despite in-store satisfaction still showing as higher than most of these online shopping platforms at present, the gap is closing and we would expect in the future that these ratings will continue to strengthen as online food shopping services refine their offerings and continue to focus on the best possible experience for their customers.

It is important to stress that these various forms of online shopping are indeed an experience for those who use them and their satisfaction with them is generally solid and growing!

Grocery retailers, food distributors and media outlets can obtain a free copy of the full report at The study is based on a nationally representative study of 1,200 supermarket shoppers and was prepared in conjunction with 210 Analytics, LLC.


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