Amazon Fresh Pick UP

Amazon is unleashing a new weapon in the grocery wars

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Amazon is launching a drive-up grocery service that allows customers to pick up online orders.

Called AmazonFresh Pickup, the new service allows customers to order groceries online, then set a time for pickup as soon as 15 minutes after they place the order.

At an AmazonFresh pickup location, employees will load the groceries into customers’ cars.

Amazon says customers can order thousands of groceries including meat, dairy, and fresh produce.

The service is free for Amazon Prime members, but it’s only available in the Seattle area for now.

There’s no purchase minimum and customers can make unlimited orders, according to Amazon.

Here’s how it works: customers place an order using Amazon’s app. 

AmazonFresh PickupAmazon/YouTube

Then they select a pickup time, which can be as soon as 15 minutes later. 

AmazonFresh PickupAmazon/YouTube

Amazon employees will pick out and package the groceries at an Amazon grocery store.

AmazonFresh PickupAmazon/YouTube

Then customers arrive at the AmazonFresh Pickup location, and their order is loaded into their car.

AmazonFresh PickupAmazon/YouTube

Here’s a video explaining the whole process.



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