Amazon Assistant

This week I was on an ecommerce site and I got a sudden pop up for an Amazon price comparison on the top of the page! I forgot that last year I downloaded the Amazon Assistant tool for Firefox. It never did anything so I forgot I had it. UNTIL NOW! Whatever they did to activate it, suddenly every ecommerce site I go to has pricing comparisons on Amazon of the same item or a like item. They even show the ratings and reviews and offer one click to go to the page. I am an active Prime member and becoming more loyal every day because of my Echo. Now with this assistant, I see sites like,, and others being in more trouble, especially since it is estimated that over 65% of US households are Prime members now (about 80MM)This could be the ultimate disruptor of my path-to-purchase for many cateogries, as it makes it so easy and convenient for me to make smart purchases and give more business to Amazon. If more people learn about it and see that it is available on ALL the major web browsers, it could make a major impact and really hurt the competition. One to watch!


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