How Men Shop for Food

Data about men and grocery shopping

How all those men in the grocery store shop

Eighty-four percent of men now serve as the primary household grocery shopper. Here’s what they do before they get to the store and once they enter the aisles.

Jul 21, 2017

According to the latest research from Men’s Health, men are taking more control over grocery shopping and cooking than ever before, with 84 percent of them saying they’re the primary grocery shoppers in their households (a 19 percentage point increase over the past decade). The Rodale Inc. brand today released the fourth iteration of “How Men Shop for Food,” a study it has conducted online with Harris Poll among U.S. adult men to measure their attitudes and behaviors regarding shopping for groceries, eating healthy, preparing meals for themselves and others, and influence over purchasing decisions.

“The study’s results continue to challenge many gender stereotypes related to food shopping and cooking,” says Men’s Health V.P./Publisher Chris Peel. “Men have an active role in each stage of the food purchasing process—before getting to the store, while there, and when cooking the food they’ve bought. Food retailers are uniquely positioned to appeal to men throughout this cycle and to evolve their marketing plans based on this compelling data.”

This infographic highlights the findings.



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